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There are a few things in life that make Dottie happy -- good food, good people, exploring beautiful places and personal growth. She has discovered that travel is the best way to attain all of these things. Currently working for a start-up in Shanghai, Dottie looks for inspiration from the palpable energy of a city constantly destroying and rebuilding itself. Her religion is social serendipity. Read her blog here

Shocking Footage Shows Toddler Driving Toy Car Head On Into Rush Hour Traffic

A shocking video of a toddler in China riding a toy into oncoming traffic has generated angry reactions online over social media.

The boy, believed to be around 3-years-old, was caught on CCTV casually riding his toy vehicle right into oncoming traffic as cars try to avoid him. Towards the end of the clip, a police officer arrives on the scene and has a few words with the boy before picking him up and taking him and his toy to safety.

6 Crucial Lessons That Help You Find Happiness and Success

There is always that one question that may either be very easy to answer or it will bother you- are you happy? Are you stimulated by life? Only you can truly know the answer to these questions, but if they are answers you don’t like, then you know it’s time for a change.

For a very long time, I was stagnant. While I believed in my potential, all I was capable of was talk and not action. Finally, at the age of 23 and living in Shanghai, I have reached a point where I am happy, motivated and more ambitious than ever. This is due to a few reasons. I am in a huge city where social serendipity is around every corner.  As a social being, this element of fate and being able to meet new people everyday plays a huge role in my happiness. Another important factor has been working for a start-up company run by incredibly capable people who are really going for it. My bosses have really pushed me to pursue new ideas and to be curious. If not for their inspiration, my travel blog Dots on a Map would not exist.

7 Must Have Items For Traveling Light

Packing lightly is an art. There is nothing worse than overpacking for a trip and having to drag around excess baggage that slows down your trip. To me, traveling is best done with a small over-the-shoulder purse and backpack, with nothing extra that makes me sweat unnecessarily or cause me discomfort. Here are a few tricks of the trade that I have picked up during my travels:

Carabiner Hook Clip Key Ring

These metal key rings are so small that they take up no space whatsoever. They also come in extremely handy for bringing along items that refuse to fit into your bag. I always use Carabiner key rings to hook sneakers or flip flops on the outside of my backpack when I have picked up too many souvenirs to force the zipper close. Just make sure not to use them for anything valuable!