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Daughter of NYC elderly woman beaten in broad daylight weighs in on new anti-Asian racism film

The race epidemic liz and vilma kari
  • “The Race Epidemic” documentary aims to memorialize the surge in anti-Asian hate crimes throughout the pandemic.
  • Vilma Kari, an elderly hate crime victim, and her daughter Liz urge readers to watch the film, support it and continue speaking out against racism.
  • The nonprofit Asian Pacific American Leadership Foundation (APALF) behind the film, of which NextShark is a media partner, is asking for help reaching its $1M fundraising goal to complete the film and tour it across the country.

Filmmakers Ronald W. Wong and Tony Shyu put a finger to the pulse of some of the most notorious anti-Asian hate crimes to make headlines across the country and rock Asian American communities over recent years in their documentary “The Race Epidemic.”

The film touches on the pattern of U.S. racism against Asians throughout the country’s history and how the COVID-19 pandemic served as the spark for the wave of violence and discrimination against Asians.

Film highlighting rise of anti-Asian racism during COVID seeks help on GoFundMe

When COVID-19 changed life as we knew it at the beginning of 2020, the pandemic also sparked another terrifying trend in America – the alarming rise of violent and racist attacks on AAPI communities and businesses across the country. 

The notion that the virus originated in China, which was further provoked by a former president’s prolific use of the phrase “China virus,” led to Asian Americans, regardless of their ethnicity, becoming targets of blame and victims of xenophobic and racist attacks. In many cases, innocent, defenseless and elderly Asian Americans were murdered. These attacks were only acknowledged by mainstream media after months of fear, pain and heartbreak.