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Inside the Sketchy Travel Company That Took Otto Warmbier to North Korea

Clients of the travel company that took Otto Warmbier to his tragic fate in North Korea are now speaking out on the volatile culture that may have played a part in the events leading up to Warmbier’s arrest and subsequent death.

Gareth Johnson is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours (YPT), the China-based tourist company used by Otto Warmbier, which promises clients an “unparalleled experience, fun way of doing things”, according to their website.

Why Korean Women Are Putting Horse Fat on Their Faces

There’s a new beauty trend in South Korea that has women rubbing horse fat into their skin.

That’s right, horse fat. The yellowish buttery fat is unique because it has a high ratio of essential fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids, making it a highly-prized ingredient for its anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing properties in products like face masks, shampoos,  and hand creams.

Hero Netizens Dig Up Hot Korean Bodyguard’s Shirtless Pics

That’s right ladies, he’s back. It’s Seoul’s hottest bodyguard, 36-year-old Choi Young-jae! After his chiseled looks caught the attention of netizens while he was guarding the South Korean president, it was only a matter of time before his not-so-secret-service pics revealed his chiseled abs, according to Joongang Ilbo.

Thirsty netizens uncovered past photos of Choi Young-jae shirtless, showing his delicious six pack and Calvin Klein undies, according AllKPop.