SF Dems reportedly block ex-Obama staffer from forming club over the word ‘family’

SF Dems reportedly block ex-Obama staffer from forming club over the word ‘family’
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Despite the setback, lifelong Democrat Cyn Wang revealed that her group intends to continue trying to get chartered

May 8, 2023
Progressives in San Francisco recently shut down an attempt by a former Obama administration staffer to form a liberal club.
Cyn Wang, a Chinese immigrant and member of the LGBTQ+ community who worked as a diplomat in the foreign service, faced heavy opposition from the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) over her proposal for a club called the Westside Family Democratic Club, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.
Wang’s club aims to push for several advocacies, including public school improvements, better public transportation, increased housing availability and cleaner streets.
During the committee meeting, the club’s supporters were questioned about their income levels, racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender identities and voting patterns, particularly with regard to the school board recall. Wang’s club was also accused of being racist and secretly funded by Republican groups. 
“@SFDemocrats refused to charter our new @WestsideFamilyD club at its last meeting. Despite being lifelong Democratic activists, we were accused of being DINOs and pro-segregation, & taking Republican money, among other wild and false allegations,” Wang wrote in a Twitter post on Saturday.
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Parag Gupta, one of the founders of the club, told the DCCC during the session: ‘We’re just starting out. We seek to be an inclusive club, and we seek to be representative of all demographics, genders, races and inclusive of all families. If someone considers themselves a family, we consider them a family.”
While DCCC chairperson Honey Mahogany acknowledged that Wang’s group had met all the necessary criteria to be chartered, the DCCC ultimately managed to generate enough votes to temporarily keep the club from forming.
“It’s that ‘You can’t sit with us’ mentality that makes me very uncomfortable with the state of San Francisco politics. It’s very: ‘You’re not even allowed in.’ It’s very Mean Girls,” Janice Li, a DCCC member, said.
DCCC reportedly banned the club due to the inclusion of the word “family” in its name and Wang’s support for a recall of a school board that some saw as being overly “woke.”
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According to Mahogany, there will be another charter vote set up soon.
Wang, who describes members of her group as “lifelong Democratic activists,” pushed back against the criticisms in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. 
“Those allegations could not be more false,” she said. “Fighting systemic racism is one reason I’m involved in local Democratic politics. To me, it lifted the veil on how narrow of a definition they have of what being a Democrat means.”
Despite the setback, Wang shared in a recent Twitter post that her group intends to continue trying to get chartered.
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