US man confesses to murder, sexual assault of women near German castle

US man confesses to murder, sexual assault of women near German castle
via LinkedIn, FOX 32
Carl Samson
February 23, 2024
A Michigan man has confessed to the rape and murder of another American tourist near a famous castle in Germany last June, according to reports.
Catch up: Troy Phillip Bohling, 31, of Detroit, is accused of sexually assaulting and killing Eva Liu, 21, near the historic Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria on June 14, 2023. Liu was hiking in the area with fellow University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign graduate Kelsey Chang, 22, when they came across the suspect.
After offering to help with a better view, Bohling attacked Liu. Chang tried to intervene, but Bohling choked her and threw her down a 165-foot (50.3-meter) ravine.
Bohling then proceeded to rape Liu — and filmed the act, as per the Daily Telegraph — before throwing her down the same slope. Both victims were airlifted to receive medical attention, but Liu eventually succumbed to her injuries.
Admitting his crimes: On Monday, Bohling confessed to charges of murder, rape with fatal consequences and attempted rape, as well as possession of child pornography. Defendants under the German legal system do not formally enter pleas, according to the Associated Press, but he reportedly confirmed his lawyer’s statement that he committed an “unfathomable crime.”
Bohling’s defense also claimed that he acted spontaneously and without intent, as per the BBC. They said he was “deeply ashamed” and wanted to apologize to the victims’ families.
What’s next: Bohling, who covered his face from Monday’s cameras, faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment for his murder charge. A verdict is expected as early as mid-March.
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