Asian American Students Share Racist Moments in Response to #thisis2016

When a woman told New York Times editor Michael Luo to “Go back to China”, he posted a tweet about the incident with the hashtag #thisis2016.

After his post received several replies with many Asian-Americans sharing their own experiences, he decided to pen an open letter to further describe the incident and state how he felt about it.

“This was not my first encounter, of course, with racist insults,” he wrote. “Ask any Asian-American, and they’ll readily summon memories of schoolyard taunts, or disturbing encounters on the street or at the grocery store.”

Adding their voice to those who have already shared their racist experiences, the Asian-American students of Bowdoin College have come up with powerful heartfelt “real statements, quotes and encounters that Bowdoin students have experienced recently.”

Through the efforts of the Bowdoin Asian Students Association, students expressed their version of #thisis2016 in a series of photos that were put on display in the university campus’ Smith Union where it will be kept until mid-December. 

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