Asian-Americans Share Their Racism Stories After Journalist is Told to ‘Go Back to China’

Asian-American netizens have shared their experiences following a journalist’s story of racism posted over the weekend.

On Sunday, New York Times editor Michael Luo posted an open letter to the woman who told his family to “go back to China.”

The Asian-American journalist recounted his experience as they were going for lunch one day:

“We had just gotten out of church, and I was with my family and some friends on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We were going to lunch, trying to see if there was room in the Korean restaurant down the street.”

He then shared the racist encounter:

“You [the woman] were in a rush. It was raining. Our stroller and a gaggle of Asians were in your way… But I was, honestly, stunned when you yelled at us from down the block, ‘Go back to China!'”

Luo confronted the woman, who, in response, threatened to call the police.

The journalist eventually walked away, but tension remained as he heard:

“Go back to your fucking country.”

Supporters came to sympathize after Luo’s post, with many sharing their own racist experiences over Twitter:

Luo isn’t alone, apparently.

Last week, Fox News received flak for airing a segment on “The O’Reilly Factor,” where host Jesse Waters spit racial insults to the Asian community in New York, coating them as comedy.

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