Apples Kissed By Pretty Chinese Flight Attendants Are Selling Online For Up to $20 Each

If you’ve ever wanted to a kiss from a beautiful Chinese flight attendant, you can buy one — albeit on an apple — online.

According to the People’s Daily Online (via the Daily Mail), apples advertised as being kissed by female flight attendants are being sold on Tabobao, China’s Ebay equivalent.

The listings for the smooched fruit contain pictures of flight attendants, many of which are purportedly trainees from southwest China’s Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation, kissing and posing with the apples.

The prices for the apples range from 9.9 yuan ($1.53) to 129.9 yuan ($20.02). One listing reportedly claimed their apples had been kissed by 500 flight attendants.

One of the main sellers of the apples who uses online name Meng Ling told the Daily Mail: “We are the Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship team. The income from this ‘air hostess kiss’ campaign will be used to set up an University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurial fund to help more students realise their career dreams. Another portion of the income will be donated to an old people’s home.”

This isn’t the first time Chinese flight attendants have been the subject of strange news headlines. Kunming Airlines apologized after pictures of flight attendants being forced into overhead bins as part of hazing rituals went public in October.

Chengdu East Star Airlines Travel College and Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation also made headlines for training their flight attendants in martial arts.

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