Flight Attendants Go Through Military Training to Control Crazy Chinese Passengers

If for any reason you get into a fight in China, you’ll probably want a Chinese flight attendant on your side because, odds are, they know some pretty sweet fighting moves.

Some Chinese flight attendants actually go to an airline college that trains them not only in airline service and etiquette, but also survival and hand-to-hand combat skills so that they’ll be able to subdue unruly passengers, because, if we know anything, Chinese people on planes can be the craziest kinds of passengers.

They’re both flight attendants and air safety officers, and at the college they are known as “Iron Women.” Gu Yingzhi, the dean of Chengdu East Star Airlines Travel College, told China Daily:

“Once an emergency arises during the flight, the safety officers have to respond and solve the problem immediately. Therefore, training on reaction speed and anti-terrorism capacity is essential.”

They might look elegant and delicate, but you definitely don’t want to mess around with these women because they can, and will, end you. We imagine that to look something like this:

h/t: Shanghaiist Images via ECNS

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