This is How the Best Knives in the World are Made

Anthony Bourdain, one of the world’s most widely known chefs, paid a visit to the person he calls the “finest chef of knives in the world” in the latest episode of his web series “Raw Craft.”

Bourdain met with Bob Kramer at his shop in Olympia, Washington, where Kramer introduced Bourdain to the secret techniques that go into crafting Kramer Knives.

Kramer is one of only 122 master bladesmiths certified in the Master Bladesmith Society and is the only bladesmith who specializes in kitchen knives.

Kramer Knives have become recognized as a status symbol for elite chefs and collectors, and while so much time and dedication goes into each individual knife, Kramer believes that the process is necessary to create lasting knives.

Kramer says that a good meal begins with a good knife, and everything from the beauty, sharpness, resilience and strength of a knife comes into effect when preparing meals.

Unlike other knives, Kramer incorporates meteorites and star stones into his material when forging his own steel. Kramer forges layer upon layer and of metal and then fuses them together to create one beautifully unique slab. After the fire and the shaping of the metal, Kramer finishes cutting the knife with instruments he uses by hand.

Bourdain was left in shock after he witnessed first-hand the detail and precision it took to create a Kramer Knife. Check out the video above and watch a true craftsman create a magnificent product.

h/t: FirstWeFeast
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