‘Animal Crossing’ player designs drool-worthy ramen restaurant in-game

‘Animal Crossing’ player designs drool-worthy ramen restaurant in-game
via LunarisLux
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 31, 2023
One imaginative gamer designed an authentic-looking ramen restaurant on the in-game island of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.”
The player, who goes by the u/LunarisLux on Reddit, shared a screenshot of their creation on the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit and generated an overwhelmingly positive response. The image showcases the outdoor ramen shop complete with a store sign and decking made from custom content.
By taking advantage of the tools and freedom provided by the game, players are able to craft different creations in-game.
“Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” a popular game from Nintendo, became a popular substitute for social gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The latest edition in the Animal Crossing franchise achieved record-breaking success with over 10.45 million copies sold in November 2022, outpacing well-known titles such as “Pokémon Red/Green/Blue” (10.23 million copies) and “Pokémon Gold/Silver” (7.17 million copies).
In the game, players can renovate their virtual homes, customize their islands, send items to friends, and interact with their favorite villagers.
“The Happy Home Paradise” downloadable content for the game grants gamers even more options to personalize their islands and expand their creativity.
LunarisLux wrote in the caption that the idea to create a ramen shop came up while they were making improvements on their digital island and wondering what was missing.
Other Redditors praised the user’s creative use of the game’s collectible items to make the shop as believable as possible.
“This is gorgeous!” a commenter wrote. “Amazing job.”
“Great, now I’m hungry for Ramen!” added another Redditor. “Looks good!”
“Don’t mind me just stealing this for my island,” another chimed in.
LunarisLux even shared the codes for the custom content so that other players can incorporate the design into their own islands.
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