YouTuber Surprises His ‘Angry Grandpa’ with a New House and His Reaction is Beautiful

An angry grandpa turned into a sad grandpa after his grandson, YouTube star Michael Green, bought him a house.
For weeks prior to the filming of the above video, Michael and his girlfriend Bridgette had been taking “Angry Grandpa” on trips to look for a new house. However, when they finally found the right house, they weren’t excited for their future, but rather for Grandpa Charles’.
The video, which has received over 4 million views, begins with Michael and Charles roaming a vacant house. Charles is clearly impressed by the size and structure of the place and repeatedly tells Michael that he and Bridget will be very happy in the house.
A little over halfway through the video, Michael finally hands his grandfather a key and tells him why they were really there:
“We are not searching for a house for us pop, we are searching for a house for you.”
While it took Charles a few moments for the unexpected reality of the gift to sink in, his eventual response was priceless. Michael, who is best known for his pranks on Youtube, hugged his grandfather and shared an emotional moment in the living room of the new house.
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