Angry Chinese Cleaner Teaches the Owner of an Illegally Parked Car a Lesson

Angry Chinese Cleaner Teaches the Owner of an Illegally Parked Car a Lesson
King Malleta
By King Malleta
December 20, 2016
An angry Chinese cleaner has graced Chinese social media after he solved the problem of an illegally parked car by surrounding it with trash bins.
According to South China Morning Post, an elderly Chinese man was seen in a 40-second edited video placing full garbage bins around a black car which was reportedly parked illegally. The cleaner, who has not been identified, was frustrated because the car was blocking the entrance to where he works.
“[The driver] should not park his car here. It blocks the emergency exit [of our compound] and the entrance to the waste yard,” the anonymous cleaner said in front of the camera. “I can hardly work this way, and can’t get leave work if the car stays here. I have no other option.”
The cleaner revealed that because he cannot contact the owner of the car and it has been inconveniently parked for several hours, he decided to teach the car owner a lesson and some smelly justice was served.
There were many internet users who praised him for what he has done with one saying that the elderly cleaner was good at playing Go (a Chinese board game using flat round pebbles).
Because of the increasing car ownership in China and the lack of parking spaces, illegal parking has become a major problem.
This isn’t the first time someone has used garbage to teach illegal parkers a lesson — garbage men were praised for surrounding one car with tons of garbage after it illegally blocked the entrance to a collection station in November.
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