Man Illegally Parks His Car in Front of Trash Collection Station, Gets Exactly What He Deserves

One can only imagine the horror that shocked one man in China after seeing his beloved SUV buried in foul-smelling garbage.

The man, surnamed Shang, illegally parked in front of a trash collection station in Zhengzhou on Tuesday. He was rushing to meet friends for dinner.

Unfortunately, the space was arguably the worst place to park. As Shang spent a few hours away, around 10 tons of garbage accumulated around his car, NetEase reported.

Apparently, that’s 200 square feet of unpleasant rubbish.

As it turned out, the garbage trucks could not drive into the station, so drivers just chose to dump dirt around Shang’s SUV.

Shang had no choice but pay 1,100 yuan ($163) to a forklift operator who cleared a path for the SUV.

Meanwhile, Chinese netizens praised the sanitation workers for their response to Shang’s illegal parking, Shanghaiist said.

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