Andy Lau gifts special wedding present to father of kidnapping victim

Andy Lau gifts special wedding present to father of kidnapping victim
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Ines Shin
March 27, 2023
Guo Gangtang, a Chinese man who spent 15 years searching for his abducted son by motorbike, received a special gift from Hong Kong star Andy Lau.
Lau played Guo in the 2015 film “Lost and Love,” which is based on Guo’s real-life story. 
After 24 long years of searching, Guo was finally reunited with his son, Guo Zhen, in 2021, six years after the movie was released. His son, who is now 27 years old, was just 2 years old when he was taken by human traffickers in 1997. 
On March 19, Guo Zhen tied the knot in his family’s hometown of Liaocheng. 
During the ceremony, clips from “Lost and Love” were played on a big screen along with a video message from the Heavenly King himself. 
Though Lau was unable to attend the wedding in person, he expressed his desire to extend his blessings to Guo Zhen. 
“We know that Guo has suffered a lot and this prop means a lot to him,” Lau said in the video message. “So today, I want to give it to him and wish him a happy and prosperous life.”
“It keeps my heart warm,” Guo Gangtan said after a representative presented him with the driver’s license prop Lau used during the movie.

In addition to Guo’s friends and family, other parents who had also experienced the abduction of a child were invited as well.
At the ceremony, Guo remembered the years when he traveled 400,000 kilometers (approximately 250,000 miles) around China. He revealed that he had gone through 10 different bikes in the process, driven entirely by his desire to find his son. 
“It was worth all the bumps and bruises along the way, and today is a success,” he declared. 

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