Hong Kong star Andy Lau goes viral for doing housework

Hong Kong star Andy Lau goes viral for doing housework
Bryan Ke
May 9, 2022
Hong Kong actor, singer-songwriter and film producer Andy Lau garnered millions of views on Chinese social media after posting a video of himself cleaning his home.
The video was posted on Lau’s Douyin account on May 6, where it gained more than 3.6 million likes and over 1 million comments in just two days.
Lau’s caption, “May 1st continued,” presumably refers to Labor Day, a holiday that celebrates workers’ rights and achievements around the world.
Dressed in a plain T-shirt and sweatpants for his 30-second video, the 60-year-old celebrity can be seen mopping a bedroom floor. He made sure to clean every corner of the room, even rolling some suitcases out of the way to get the job done. At the end of the now-viral video, he smiles and waves at the camera.
Many Douyin users were surprised to see Lau cleaning his own home. Some users praised the Hong Kong star, with one Douyin user saying, “So even superstars have to do chores, I feel so comforted. I no longer feel any grievance [for having to do housework].”
One of his fans applauded the “Lost and Love” actor for the way he handled the mop: “He seems very practised at mopping the floor.”
I scrolled past thinking what’s there to see, but scrolled back after realising it’s Andy Lau,” one Douyin user said.
He’s so handsome even when mopping the floor,” another user wrote.
Feature Image via @刘德华
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