‘Alice in Borderland’ Season 2 trailer hints at final death game

‘Alice in Borderland’ Season 2 trailer hints at final death game
Chandler Treon
December 6, 2022
Netflix has released a trailer for Season 2 of “Alice in Borderland,” which boasts expansive new environments, bigger, more dangerous challenges and a first look at what might be the final death game.
The trailer opens with zeppelins flying giant face card banners over Tokyo as Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) look on. Suddenly, the trailer cuts to the same city — as evident by a street sign labeled “Shinjuku” — reclaimed by a massive overgrowth of vegetation, likely indicating a massive time skip. People flee as a mysterious cloaked figure fires at them from the roof of a burning vehicle, a naked man demands a fight in the middle of a maze of storage containers and players launch glowing balls at each other from precarious platforms in what looks like a deadly twist on dodgeball.
Basically, things are getting f*cking crazy.
But what fans of the Haro Aso manga that the show is adapted from will especially be interested in is the appearance of the gamemaster Mira, who welcomes Arisu and Usagi to “the final game venue.” The venue resembles a croquet field, which could hint that her face card is the Queen of Hearts if the show’s “Alice in Wonderland” allusions persist.
The show’s popularity, along with the massive success of Netflix’s “Squid Game,” prove that the death game genre is here to stay. For fans looking for more, check out NextShark’s list of “deadly game” movies and shows to watch while waiting for Season 2. (Are you even really a fan of the genre if you haven’t seen “Battle Royale”?)
Season 2 of “Alice in Borderland” will be available for streaming on Netflix on Dec. 22.
Check out the new trailer below:

Featured Image via Netflix
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