85-Year-Old Woman in Singapore Seeks Long-Lost Love, Gets Robbed Instead

A Singaporean woman’s search for her long-lost love took a grim turn when she was instead robbed.
Eighty-five-year-old Leong Yeo Mooi has one wish for Christmas: reunite with Ah Yip, the love of her life that she lost contact with.
Leong met Ah Yip when she was only 17. According to The Star, she fell in love at first sight when he helped install pipes at their home in Seremban, Malaysia. She described him as “a dashing moustached man in his 20s”.
Image: The Star/Asia News Network
Their time in the late 1940s did not give much freedom — girls couldn’t go on dates without their parents’ consent. Still, Leong was eager to love:
“At that time there were no mobile phones or even telephones. I expressed my love to him through a letter when he came back to claim payment from my parents.”
The couple soon met regularly:
“He would come every Monday and Wednesday when my parents, who sold metalware, were in Kuala Lumpur.”
But what complicated their relationship were Leong’s parents who disapproved of Ah Yip because of his job. Leong entered into an arranged marriage when she was 21.
It was in 2007 when Leong’s husband died and she went on a trip to Malaysia in search for Ah Yip. Unfortunately, it did not take long before she was robbed by a snatch thief.
She wandered around the area looking for help afterwards. Leong was eventually found by a social worker, who took her to Tong Sim Old Folks home. There, she expressed her wish of wanting to see Ah Yip again.
Home caretaker David Chong said that he had helped look for Ah Yip for nine years, but to no avail.
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