50 Cent Claims He Spends Only $108,000 a Month, Still Spends $5,000 on Gardening

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson recently reported to a Connecticut bankruptcy court that his spending expenses are limited to a paltry $108,000 every month, according to USA Today.

After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July, Jackson is now spending a good portion of his time in front of a judge. Despite claiming he makes a monthly income of $185,000 from royalties and investments, Jackson reported that he spends $3,000 on clothes and $5,000 on gardening every month. His 18-room mansion in Hartford, Connecticut costs him $72,000 a month to maintain, and he allegedly owes money to his stylist, barber and fitness coach.

While there is widespread speculation over why Jackson suddenly filed for bankruptcy, most believe it has to do with a $7 million lawsuit he lost last month to Lastonia Leviston over a sex tape scandal dating back to 2010.

Although Jackson claims he is broke, $5,000 on gardening every month should indicate that 50 Cent is not really as bankrupt as he would like people to believe.

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