Here are the 4 Best Ways to Get Free Wi-Fi in Airports

For anyone who wants to stay busy while traveling, internet access is crucial. Here are four simple tricks to get access to free WiFi at airports.
The ?.jpg Trick
The first way is the “?.jpg” URL trick. On Wi-Fi networks that allow images without redirecting, adding “?.jpg” to the end of each URL should enable access to most basic websites.
The Paywall Trick
The second way is to use a complimentary paywall service like Boingo, which is a subscription-based website but allows free access to certain sites like shopping, news and banking. Paywall services have two distinct categories: hard and soft. Hard allows minimal webpage content without a subscription,while soft is a little more flexible. For Boingo, instead of clicking “Get Online Now,” select “The Good Stuff.” Click on any of the free sites they offer and open a new tab. Sometimes soft paywalls like Boingo get fooled and allow unlimited access after opening a new tab next to one of their free webpages.
The Address Bar Trick
The third way is to use developer tools. Most paywall sites like Boingo prevent users from gaining web access by blocking the address bar. However, even if the address bar is blocked, a user can instead use the browser by using developer tools.
  1. Firefox allows this by clicking on “Tools” then “Web Developer.” Chrome allows this by clicking “View,” then “Developer” and then “JavaScript Console.” Safari allows this by clicking “Preferences,” then “Advanced” and then the “Show Develop menu” in menu bar.” Then click “Develop” and finally “Show Error Console.”
  2. Type in the desired address using the following format: window.location.href=”
The FourSquare Trick
The fourth simple way to gain access to the internet at an airport is to use the social network FourSquare. Some users upload wireless passwords for airports and VIP lounges — typing “free wifi airports” into FourSquare’s search engine may actually turn up internet access passwords for certain international airports and lounges.
Source: RoadWarriorVoices
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