Here are 4 Ways to Stay Awake When You Get Sleepy in the Afternoon

Just about everyone has had the mid-afternoon thought of catching up on some z’s rather than finishing their work, but a new video from Reactions Everyday Chemistry says that taking a stroll outside or watching a cute cat fall into a fishtank might be a more efficient solution than hitting the hay.

In their video, Reactions Everyday Chemistry explains four ways to conquer the nap temptation: watching cute videos of cats or dogs, a big glass of water, dancing to a favorite tune, or taking a casual mid-afternoon stroll under the sun.

Of course, the chemistry channel discounted that sometimes a nap is the perfect solution to a long work week, however if the thought of taking a nap is a daily problem, these solutions may prove to be useful. Check out the video and see why these four solutions are scientifically proven alternatives to taking a nap.

h/t: NY Magazine
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