The 20 Best Jobs Millennials Can Land Right Now

Many soon-to-be college graduates may still be wondering where they will find their first serious job.
Nonprofit organization Young Invincibles used data from the Labor Department to develop a report based on several different job markets. The statistics they gathered are based on three factors: median salary, projected growth and the amount of young people in each given field.
While it can be difficult for young millennials to secure long-term jobs in the rapidly changing labor market, the report that Young Invincibles researchers Konrad Mugglestone and Tom Allison created shows which jobs are expected to flourish the most in the coming years.
It is no surprise that the STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math — have solid opportunities, but what is interesting is the growing market for fields surrounding healthcare as more and more of the United States population begin to retire.
Mugglestone and Allison’s research also points at an upcoming trend in agencies and businesses that manage artists, performers and athletes. Mr. Allison said:
“I’m drawn to the diversity of the kinds of jobs here. In America, for this generation, the pathway to prosperity is still diverse.”
Image via Science Progress
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