Watch a $10,000 Apple Watch Get Smashed by Giant Magnets — and Survive

There are many Youtube channels out there, but few are as technologically destructive as the channel TechRax.
The U.S.-based Ukrainian vlogger seems to spend most of his time destroying things like watches and phones, but more importantly, Apple watches and phones. Apparently, Apple is his go-to brand when he wants to shatter glass and demolish hardware.
In the video above, Techrax crushes a $10,000 Apple Watch between a pair of neodymium magnets. It’s not hard to believe considering that the force produced by these magnets is estimated to be around 600 pounds.
The funny thing is that even after the watch is pulverized between the magnets, it’s not completely useless. According to the video, the watch’s charging capability was able to withstand the intense pressure that was induced by the two magnets.
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