Zoo Visitors in Beijing Caught on Video Throwing Rocks at a Tiger to ‘Make It Move’

Zoo Visitors in Beijing Caught on Video Throwing Rocks at a Tiger to ‘Make It Move’
Bryan Ke
June 19, 2018
Chinese netizens are enraged after a video of zoogoers throwing rocks into a tiger enclosure to make the animal move at the Beijing Wildlife Park began circulating on social media.
The video starts off showing a man wearing a blue shirt picking up a stone as another man next to him throws a rock into the tiger enclosure, hoping to hit the animal sitting on a branch, Daily Mail reported.
Visitors can be heard speaking in Chinese and a woman laughing in the background as the man throws the stone at the animal.
Did we manage to hit it?” one of the men in the video asked.
We hit the tiger, but it’s still not moving,” the man who threw the first stone said. “It looks like it didn’t feel anything!”
Throw some bigger rocks,” a woman who was filming said.
The original poster of the video noticed the rude behavior of the group as they were spotted laughing and talking loudly while walking around the tiger enclosure.
I am speechless,” he wrote in his Weibo post. “Such horrible behavior demonstrated by visitors at the Beijing Wildlife Park today. They kept picking up rocks on the ground and attacking the tiger.”
Workers at the zoo noticed the visitors’ behavior and managed to stop them from injuring the animal.
The Beijing Wildlife Park also launched an investigation into the matter, Beijing Youth Daily reported.
Images via Weibo
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