Son Brings His Paralyzed Father to College to Take Care of Him While He Studies

Zhao Delong, a college student from Henan, China  suffered from polio when he was young, which made him unable to walk. However, thanks to his parent’s support, he was able to undergo surgery, get treatment, and regain his ability to walk.
Unfortunately, Zhao’s life took a bad turn shortly after being accepted into college. His father had fallen ill and become paralyzed. His mother fell into a deep depression shortly after.
From there, Zhao decided to do something amazing. Instead of trying to enjoy the full experience of college, he decided to bring his dad to live with him on campus.
Zhao wanted to repay his father for taking care of him when he was crippled as a child.
Zhao helps his dad wash his face, brush his teeth, and comb his hair everyday. He even cooks for him and helps him exercise. The university has offered support by giving them a special dorm room because of their situation.
“My dad took care of me. Now that he’s ill, I can’t just leave him behind.”
Source: Shanghaiist
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