Man Trolls Starbucks in China After They Offer Discounts to Customers Who Bring Their Own Cups

One writer in China took Starbucks’ offer to give discounts to customers who bring their own cups as an opportunity to do some epic trolling.

The writer, nicknamed Zha Bao, decided to have a little fun with baristas from a Hangzhou Starbucks by bringing the most ridiculous coffee containers instead of just any normal mug.

He uploaded images of his weird stunt on WeChat, where they have been widely shared to other Chinese social media platforms.

According to Mashable, Starbucks was offering a 3 yuan ($0.44) discount to patrons if they bring their own containers.

Zha Bao made multiple trips, each time carrying a more random and bigger container than the last. With each fill, the Starbucks baristas filled his containers without batting an eye.

To test, he first brought a tiny teapot, which was successfully filled with an iced brew.

This was followed by vinegar bottle, which then gets filled with a Venti iced lemon tea.

Next, he carried a Chinese medicine pot, which was filled with three Venti-sized matcha frappuccinos worth 102 yuan ($14.82).

The grand finale was a huge metal basin, which probably still surprised the baristas.

It took the whole team at Starbucks to produce his giant coffee order.

And they even added some art to it.

The basin was filled with 35 shots of espresso, costing him around 327 yuan ($47.51).

Satisfied with his coffee stunt, he finally sat down to gulp down his basin of coffee while a friend downed his own medicine pot full of matcha frappuccino.

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