Chinese People Are Paying This Barber up to $610 to Cut Their Hair With His Eyes Closed

People in China are paying a small fortune for haircuts done by a hairdresser who cuts with his eyes closed and then styles with a vacuum cleaner.
Tian Hao is a Chinese hairstylist from Xi’an, Xhanxi Province who uses a peculiar eyes-closed method of cutting hair. He attributes his technique to Zen meditation, which he claims allows him to feel the aura of his client’s hair.
The hair artist charges a non-negotiable 3,900 yuan ($610) for men’s cuts and 3,600 ($570) for women’s. Although other stylists in the area reportedly find his pricing to be a rip-off, he says that people who want a discount can find it at the supermarket.
To show that his technique works, Hao held a recent demonstration at his salon in Xi’an. He skillfully cut two models’ hair simultaneously with his eyes closed shut — no bleeding involved. Despite the fact that he blindly wields sharp scissors in his hands, Tian says he hasn’t had an accident yet.
After he’s done trimming the hair, he takes out a vacuum cleaner in place of a blow dryer in order to style his clients’ hair. He said,
“Not only does it layer the hair perfectly, but it also sucks up all the clippings too.”
Would you trust the Zen Master Hairdresser to cut your hair?
Source: Weird Life
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