China Permanently Bans Zedd for Liking ‘South Park’ Tweet


China has permanently banned Zedd for liking a tweet from “South Park,” which recently sparked outrage in the country over a controversial episode.

Zedd, whose real name is Anton Zaslavski, announced the news in a tweet last week.

“I just got permanently banned from China because I liked a @SouthPark tweet,” the Russian-German electronic artist wrote.

The tweet in question, which appeared relatively harmless, celebrated the Comedy Central show’s 300th episode titled “Shots.”

“South Park” is no longer accessible in China after the release of its “Band in China” episode, which mocked how Hollywood productions tailor content for Chinese audiences.

In the Oct. 2 episode, a biopic of Stan Marsh’s band must be altered to pass China’s Great Firewall, while his dad Randy attempts to sell marijuana in the Chinese market.


After being arrested, Randy witnesses the harsh treatment of Chinese prisoners, including Pooh and Piglet — caricatures of Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people, respectively.

Following the show’s ban, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone released a sarcastic apology on Twitter, proclaiming, “Long live the Communist Party of China!”

The pair also responded to the move in “Shots,” when Randy’s former business partner, Towelie, slams China and anyone doing business with them.

Apparently, the highlight of the episode comes as Randy eventually tells Towelie, “F*** the Chinese government.”

It’s unclear if Zedd has actually seen “Shots.”

The 30-year-old artist confirmed the ban in a statement on Instagram, adding that the Chinese government has threatened to pull his promoters’ cultural permits if they do not cancel his upcoming shows.

CNBC verified Zedd’s permanent ban with his publicist on Saturday.

Twitter users commented on the news:

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