Inside the Magical Japanese City Where You Can Roam With Foxes For $8

Inside the Magical Japanese City Where You Can Roam With Foxes For $8Inside the Magical Japanese City Where You Can Roam With Foxes For $8
Earlier this month, a Mexico-based photographer identified as Natasha, traveled to Tokyo to get a TESOL certificate to teach English.
Natasha, 29, had always dreamed of visiting Japan and checking out one of its most popular destinations: Fox Village.
Fox Village is sanctuary for foxes located in Shiroishi, Miyagi, which is a two hour bullet train ride from Tokyo. Once she arrived, she asked a guard to get a taxi for her. On the way there, she was shown an album of Zao Kitsune Mura (Fox Village) to hype her up for the visit.
Thirty minutes later, she arrived and paid a 1000 yen ($8) entrance fee.
“The guides at the entrance are very friendly,” Natasha told NextShark. “The give you basic rules, like not touching the foxes, showing dominance and do not feed them outside designated area.”
The village is divided into two areas — one where there are several caged foxes and the other is a huge area where they roam free.
The reason some foxes are caged is because they are either too young or need some sort of special treatment before they can go off on their own.
“As soon as you walk to the bigger area, foxes come to welcome you. It was a shocking at first to see these extremely cute creatures receive you like dogs, super happy to have you there!”
Most of the foxes are nice, some were shy, while others didn’t mind being in the center of attention.
“They are very territorial so they often fight for your attention.” Natasha said.
While most of the foxes were friendly, the guides warned Natasha that she had to show dominance when approached. Natasha stressed that it’s extremely important not to touch any of the foxes no matter how cute they look.
“If you don’t do it they start nibbling on your belongings. This happened to me a couple of times as I was a bit distracted trying to take some pictures.”
Patrons could also feed the foxes in designated areas.
Natasha says that she had an amazing time and couldn’t wait to go back again.
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