Japanese Gamer Immediately Finds Way Creep on Girl in New PlayStation VR Game

Japanese Gamer Immediately Finds Way Creep on Girl in New PlayStation VR Game
Ryan General
October 25, 2016
While there were many interesting PlayStation VR games released in the United States upon the new PS4 peripheral’s recent launch, count on the Japanese PS VR titles to deliver on the eccentricity factor to virtual gaming.  
One such game is Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson, a game so unique that there’s probably nothing else like it out there. In an obvious departure from traditional games in terms of objectives, gameplay and overall presentation, the game puts the player in the shoes of a tutor helping young high school girls with their lessons, reported RocketNews24.
The game revolves around the player’s interaction with an AI character named Hikari Miyamoto, a young student who needs help in school. While the game’s main objective is to help boost her school statistics high enough so that she comes home with an A by the end of the week, there are some players who have taken a different path.
Deviating from the main mission, Yuu, of Japanese YouTube channel Yuu GameTV, has taken the challenge of getting a peek at the female character’s panties.
Technically, the game is programmed to avoid any player’s untoward interaction with the virtual student. Attempts to force any interaction with Hikari’s body using the user’s face has resulted in causing the entire screen to fade to black.
According to Wired, if a player tries to look at her from any other angle toward her skirt, she presses her hands to her skirt and says, “Don’t look!”
Taking advantage of an apparent glitch, Yuu has found a way to freely move around the student’s room as he pleased while the game thinks he’s just seated at a chair as it instructed him.
When Yuu stood up, at a distance about three meters away from the PlayStation’s camera, he is shown to be leaving his virtual body, enabling him to take up any position inside the room, including behind the schoolgirl. With a view he can easily adjust, he was able to manipulate the scene. By simply tilting his neck as Hikari walks out of the room, he was able to catch a glimpse of her underwear.
Famed producer and chief director Katsuhiro Harada explained in an interview that he created the game because he wanted to expand the VR platform to a wide audience. Harada added that the team is also developing more new content using the same technology.
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