Japanese Billionaire’s $924,000 Tweet Becomes the Most Retweeted in History

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Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will give away 100 million yen ($924,000) to 100 random people with no strings attached in a tweet Sunday.

All a user has to do is follow Maezawa on Twitter and retweet the post. As of today, the tweet has more than 4.1 retweets, making it the most retweeted tweet in history.

The tweet is in a style reminiscent of a Japanese new year greeting card. The image itself is reminiscent of the movie “E.T” with a rocket silhouette instead of a bike. Maezawa will message the winners personally following the end of the contest today.

Following the tweet, Maezawa has gained 4.27 million on Twitter from 500,000 before his giveaway.

It beat out last year’s winner at 3.58 million retweets, done by college student Carter Wilkinson.

It also beat the previous record 3.3 million retweets set by Ellen DeGeneres with a celebrity selfie at the 2014 Oscars.

The tweet is in celebration of Zozotown, an online fashion retailer owned by the billionaire, reaching 10 billion yen in sales. Maezawa was also a funder of SpaceX’s trip to the moon. He made headlines in the U.S. when he was named as the first private passenger to the Moon by SpaceX.

Feature images via Instagram / @yusaku2020

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