Inside the Life of Singapore’s Hottest Popstar Duo on Instagram

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Meet 24-year-old twin sisters Yumi and Miko Bai who make up the Singaporean pop singing duo By2 which is based in Taiwan.
The Bai sisters pursued their singing careers with the encouragement of their father who passed away from cancer when they were 15 years old.
At an early age, the Bai sisters were exposed to music, dance and the arts.
They attended the a training program hosted by music entertainment company Ocean Butterflies at 13 and were consequently offered a ten-year record deal.
The sisters released their first album in 2008, but it wasn’t until their third studio album “Grown Up” in 2010 that they started topping the charts in Taiwan and China.
The twins are most distinguishable by their different hairstyles, makeup and personality — Yumi is also known to be the extrovert of the two while her older sister Miko is considered the quiet introvert.
Yumi was rumored to be dating Mario Ho, the youngest son of Macau’s richest billionaire, Stanley Ho, in November 2014.
To stay in shape, the sisters are always hitting the gym to get those squats in.
But they still find time to enjoy some classic In-N-Out in the U.S.
Or hit up the beach for some fun in the sun.
Miko is typically the more toned down of the two sisters.
But she’s not too shy to show off her killer abs from all that dancing.
The picture perfect Yumi rides around in her convertible while visiting the United States.
As popstars, Yumi and Miko are almost expected to ride around in sportscars as hot as them like this Ferrari 458.
Even without makeup, Yumi still rocks her bombshell looks while traveling.
It’s probably safe to say that Singapore makes some of the wildest and most beautiful popstars in Asia.
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