Chef Creates Mouth-Watering Shoes Out of Sushi

We bet you’ve never seen Nike shoes looking this so mouth-watering!

Yukia Hu, an Italian-born Chinese chef and artist based in Milan, created a series of delicious-looking sushi intricately designed to look like trendy footwear from Nike, Adidas, and other famous brands.

Take a look at some of his appetizing “shoe-shi” below and momentarily get confused if you wanna wear or eat them:

Made entirely of rice, smoked salmon and seaweed for some details, these fancy-looking edible sneakers are perfectly crafted for the sushi-lovers and shoe aficionados alike.

If anyone’s wondering, yes, they’re completely edible. 

Aside from intricately crafted trainers, Yukia also does some cute sushi sandals. Check them below:

Yukia’s incredibly detailed masterpieces are posted on his Instagram Theonigiriart, which currently has over 6,500 followers.

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