The Most Badass Asian Woman of All Time is Also a Former Bond Girl

The Most Badass Asian Woman of All Time is Also a Former Bond Girl
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
April 12, 2019
Who would have thought that Yuen Qiu, famously known as that ultra badass landlady in the Stephen Chow epic comedy “Kung Fu Hustle,” was actually a former bond girl?
Yes, that badass landlady who can blow windows out with just her shout.
It turns out that the 68-year-old actress once appeared in a James Bond movie, specifically Roger Moore’s “The Man with the Golden Gun,” as one of the nieces of Lieutenant Hip (Soon-Tek Oh) named Nara.
In case you are wondering why Yuen has been popping up all over the internet all of a sudden, Stephen Chow has recently confirmed that “Kung Fu Hustle 2” is now in the works. However, the upcoming film will not act as a direct sequel to the epic comedy that was released 15 years ago.
Instead, the “film that takes place during modern day” in the same continuity as the first film. Chow revealed his plans to return to the director chair, and even wants to make a cameo as his character, Sing.
There has been no official word yet on when “Kung Fu Hustle 2” will come out.
Featured images (left) screenshot via YouTube / KL Rachel, (right) screenshot via YouTube / Shiranamikai
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