Chinese Daughter Spends $120,000 on Plastic Surgery, Mom Threatens to Disown Her on TV

Chinese Daughter Spends $120,000 on Plastic Surgery, Mom Threatens to Disown Her on TV

March 28, 2016
One Chinese mother was so distraught over her daughter’s continued addiction to plastic surgery that she threatened to disown her on television.
The daughter, 29-year-old Yu Bing, has spent 800,000 yuan, or over $123,000, on 20 operations over the last two years in an attempt to look like one of China’s most successful movie stars, Fan Bing Bing, known for her white skin, pointed chin and nose and big eyes.
Yu’s 61-year-old mother threatened to disown her if she didn’t stop altering her face on a Chinese talk show aired by Dragon TV. The mother claims her daughter’s surgery has broken her heart.
“Every time I see her, she looks different. I can hardly recognize her even though I’m her mother. Now my daughter’s face has been totally reshaped, all her aunts say she looks rather like a monster. How can I not be worried?”
Yu claims to run a clothing business with friends but it is not revealed exactly where she gets the money for her expensive surgeries.
Yu explained on the show that she has undergone jaw contouring, nose reconstruction, and double eyelid surgery. Unfortunately, she’s still not happy with how she looks and believes her eyes are too small and her jaw is too long.
She also revealed she plans to have another operation this year to make her taller which requires a doctor to saw her shin bones and insert implants to make her a few centimeters taller.
Yu claimed she was heartbroken by what her mother had said but couldn’t change her expression because she had recently had a surgery done on her lips:
“I’m not smiling. Actually, I want to cry too. But I’ve just done a surgery that curled my lips upward.”
Source: Shanghaiist
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