YouTuber Shows the Differences Between Mainland Chinese Girls vs. ABC Girls

YouTuber Shows the Differences Between Mainland Chinese Girls vs. ABC Girls

April 13, 2018
If you’re wondering what are the differences between girls from Mainland China and girls born in the United States, which is also known as ABC (American Born Chinese), then you are in luck — YouTuber LeendaDProductions is here to enlighten everyone.
The clip, titled “Mainland Chinese Girls Vs. ABC GIRLS (American Born Chinese),” was first posted on YouTube on Thursday, April 12. It tries to explain the differences between mainland Chinese girls – those who are from China and later moved to the U.S. – and Chinese girls who were born in America.
First up, the clip used their car as an example. For the mainlanders, they were obviously pretty stacked in cash, considering that they were sent there by their wealthy parents to study – or at least the ones portrayed in the video – so they have their own extremely expensive car.
The ABCs, on the other hand, are depicted arguing over who will call an Uber ride.
Later on, the clip explains the difference of mainlanders and ABCs when it comes to paying the bill. The former handles it pretty eagerly, while the latter really splits everything equally among the group.
To be fair, the latter doesn’t just cover ABCs, but others as well like young adults living alone for the first time or college students – or pretty much just anyone who is tight on budget.
There’s also the Friday nights party where the mainlanders just sit cozily on the couch in the club with their phones out and taking selfies, while the ABCs really knows how to party hard!
Check out the full video below:
Images via YouTube / LeendaDProductions
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