‘Genius’ YouTuber Gets 2.8 Million Views By Doing Absolutely Nothing

‘Genius’ YouTuber Gets 2.8 Million Views By Doing Absolutely Nothing‘Genius’ YouTuber Gets 2.8 Million Views By Doing Absolutely Nothing
An Indonesian YouTuber managed to get over 2.8 million views for doing absolutely nothing in front of the camera for about two hours and two minutes.
The video shows the YouTuber, Muhammad Didit, sitting by his uncovered mattress in front of a camera with no background and music playing.
He originally planned to shoot a 10-minute video, but became enthralled to what he was doing that he let the recording go on for much longer, according to his interview with Tribun News via AsiaOne.
In order for the recording to go uninterrupted, Didit made sure to eat his meal and go to the bathroom before filming.
Didit’s inspiration for the video came to him after his followers requested more educational content.
“It all started from the Indonesian society urging me lately to create content that educates the youth – finally with a heavy heart and reluctantly, I did,” he explained in the YouTube description, International Business Times Singapore reported. “BOOM, thus the creation of this video but if we were to talk about its benefits, it all depends on you the viewers to filter and that is my only advice to all of you and hope that you will be entertained and benefit from this video.”
His video became a hit to many of his viewers, with some praising Didit for his unique content. One commenter called the man a genius for his video.
“This guy’s a GENIUS. ahahaha beats other youtubers who thought of their content for 2 hours/days He did nothing for 2hours and earned a lot of money,” the comment reads.
Didit, who has over 35,000 subscribers, shared his first YouTube video six months ago. His shorter videos did not receive the same popularity.
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