Jeffree Star Calls Michelle Dy’s Makeup Brushes ‘Trash’ After She ‘Stole’ the Word ‘Approved’

Michelle Dy

Beauty vlogger Michelle Dy has responded to comments made by YouTuber Jeffree Star in which he called her line of makeup brushes “trash.”

On Wednesday, Star answered a Twitter user’s request to do an “honest review” on Dy’s new “Basics” line. He scoffed at the idea, saying he had no time to “review trash.”

An hour later Dy wrote “I’m good luv, enjoy,” on Twitter without directly acknowledging Star’s tweet. Included in the tweet was a moon emoji.

She then followed this up with another tweet a day later, and while it did not explicitly state Star’s name, it directly addressed the comment made on her sponges and brushes line.

“Call me trash all you want, but not the products which not just I, but a lot of people worked hard for,” Dy tweeted.

“If it didn’t pass your standards, I cannot do anything about that. But one thing is for sure, I worked hard, poured my heart and 100% into it and I am proud of it,” she added.

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Star has spoken out against Dy online before, accusing her of copying his “YouTube” concept last year.

Star, who has been making “Jeffree Star Approved” videos since 2016, called out Dy after she began uploading YouTube videos, entitled “MD Approved,” about testing makeup and letting her followers know if they were “approved” by her or not.

In one of Dy’s videos, Star posted a comment that threatened her with a lawsuit.

Beauty vlogger Michelle Dy has responded to comments made by YouTuber Jeffree Star in which he called her line of makeup brushes, “trash.”

He also posted a rant on Snapchat detailing the issue to his followers.

“So there is a YouTuber who is not known here in America, but they recently tried to steal my ‘approved’ — trademarked — whole entire series and do it on their channel,” Star said on Snapchat. “I’m like, I know I didn’t invent the word approved but girl, that’s been my thing for two years now.”


“It’s trademarked, it’s on merch, don’t try me. Sometimes I feel like people do that stuff on purpose, like ‘Let me use Jeffree’s thing and then he’ll cause a stir about it and I’ll get a lot more views and subscribers.'”

“I’m like b—-, I’m not even gonna mention your name,” he added. “Don’t even bother searching for it after you hear this because we don’t wanna give no one any clout. Thank god for lawyers. It’s all draining. Why can’t people just come up with their own f—— ideas.”

Following Star’s Snapchat rant, Dy deleted her entire series and addressed the issue on social media, acknowledging that her series was indeed inspired by Star.

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Jeffree Star if in any way or another, I may have violated your rights from the use of your trademark,” Dy said at the time. “Videos from my channel has been deleted already and rest-assured that it will not happen again. Again, I am sorry.”

Featured Image via YouTube / JeffreeStar (Left), YouTube / Michelle Dy (Right)

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