Markiplier’s launch of OnlyFans page with ‘tasteful nudes’ triggers site crash

Markiplier’s launch of OnlyFans page with ‘tasteful nudes’ triggers site crash
Carl Samson
December 9, 2022
YouTube creator Markiplier joined OnlyFans on Thursday, triggering a traffic surge that temporarily crashed the website, according to reports.
Markiplier’s entry into the platform — known for exclusive, subscription-based NSFW content — reportedly came after a month of teasing. His page, which currently offers free subscription, promises fans “tasteful nudes.”
“No matter what the reality of your arrival is, I’m ‘pleased’ to inform you that you’ve found Markiplier’s (me) Official Tasteful Nudes OnlyFans. And for that, I am proud and/or ashamed of you,” Markiplier wrote.
The thirst appears to have been around for some time. In 2018, Markiplier released his “Tasteful Nudes” calendar, with some copies currently reselling on eBay for nearly $600.

In his profile’s introduction, Markiplier assured fans that he is really behind the OnlyFans page. He also noted that proceeds will be donated to his hometown’s Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the World Food Program.
“Be aware that this is real and I am really me,” Markiplier wrote. “Simply read this in my voice (but be sure to give my voice in your head a posh judgmental attitude, yeah that’s the one) and you’ll know the truth of it.”
Prior to launching his page, Markiplier reportedly asked fans to fulfill some conditions. These include boosting his “Distractibe” and “Go! My Favorite Sports Team” podcasts and buying tickets to his new documentary, “Markiplier from North Korea,” which follows his journey to reconnect with his family.
With all the hype, website outage tracker reportedly received a spike in reports after Markiplier’s OnlyFans page went live. The creator himself brought attention to the situation, tweeting “…really guys?”
Featured Image via Markiplier, @markiplier
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