‘Relax, it’s toilet paper’: YouTuber Films Australian Shoppers Fighting Over Toilet Paper

‘Relax, it’s toilet paper’: YouTuber Films Australian Shoppers Fighting Over Toilet Paper

March 10, 2020
A YouTuber from Melbourne recently captured a video of two women fighting over toilet paper inside a popular supermarket in Australia.
Jamie Zhu was reportedly filming at Coles supermarket on Saturday to conduct interviews about panic buying when he came across two women fighting over a pack of toilet paper.  
In the clip, which Zhu shared on Instagram, an elderly woman can be seen holding a pack of toilet paper in her hands while the other woman already has a shopping cart full of toilet paper.
As they try to wrestle over the toilet paper, the elderly woman is shown attempting to slap her rival, who then grabs her by the arm. 
As the altercation got more physical, Zhu eventually intervened, telling the women to “Relax, it’s toilet paper.”
The elderly woman is then seen hugging her toilet rolls while the other woman left with her cart full of toilet paper.  
Unusual as it may sound, the fight over toilet paper is not an isolated case in Australia. As it turns out, a similar scuffle happened earlier in the day at a Woolworths in western Sydney, Yahoo reports.
In the video clip of the incident, a mother and daughter with a cart filled with toilet paper can be seen ganging up on a third woman who tried to get herself a pack of toilet paper. The fight got so physical that the local authorities were eventually called by the store manager. 
Last week, two other incidents of toilet paper fights were reported. One involved a 50-year-old man who got tasered after fighting with a staff member and customer over toilet paper at a Big W store in Tamworth. The other involved a shopper who allegedly pulled a knife out on another customer inside a store in Parramatta.
Panic over the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) has apparently resulted in people stocking up on supplies such as rice, canned goods, and toilet paper, among others.
The temporary limit some stores have imposed on the amount of toilet paper a person can purchase at a given time, seems to have no effect on the buyers who continue to pile up on the items into their carts.
Featured image via Jamie Zhu
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