YouTuber Freddie Wong Finds Something Extremely Disturbing in Abandoned Shack in Forest

RocketJump co-founder and Fushigi Gravity Ball artist Freddie Wong was scoping out potential video shooting locations on Thursday afternoon when he and his crew stumbled upon a dilapidated shack.

In what looked like a scene out of a horror flick, Wong found shredded pictures of himself in the rundown structure located in an abandoned recreation area in Angeles National Forest in southern California.

The bizarre encounter had the filmmaker questioning which video his photos — and what appears to be Harley Morenstein from the YouTube cooking show “Epic Meal Time” — were used in.

“Anyway we didn’t run or nothing – we stayed and got our damn shots because we are professionals,” Wong wrote in another tweet.

It turns out that the images were actually from the set of “SnapperHero”, the first scripted series on Snapchat launched in 2015 by AT&T, which was directed by the visual effects team at Corridor Digital.

It featured internet celebrities including Wong, Morenstein, Anna Akana, Jasmeet Singh, Simone Shepherd, and Shaun McBride who served as creative director.

According to Wong, Corridor Digital “left it there as a joke hoping one day some film shoot would find it and freak out. Anyway that film shoot was us, three years later!”

The Twitterati chimed in immediately, including voice actor SungWon Cho, a.k.a. ProZD, who joked, “how’d you find my secret lair”.

Featured Image via Flickr / Gage Skidmore (CC BY-SA 2.0), Twitter / @fwong

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