YouTuber who turned down role in secret project regrets it after learning scene was for ‘Squid Game’

YouTuber declined role in Squid Game

A YouTuber living in South Korea recently revealed that she declined an opportunity to appear in the hit Korean series “Squid Game” because of underwear and nipple covers.  

A secret project: Raye from the YouTube Channel Raye and Jin discussed the missed opportunity in a video posted on Sunday.

  • Raye, an American living in South Korea, recounted her story with her Korean husband Jin by her side. 
  • Around October last year, Raye received a message asking if she wanted to be body painted while wearing just her underwear and nipple covers for a secret project. 
  • She would be paid $4,500 for three days of work, but she had no idea what the project was.
  • “[The message said] we’re looking for a model,” Raye shared. “They are going to be body painted…But the nipple covers and underwear made me really nervous…so knowing nothing about what was going to be filmed, I declined it…I didn’t want to be naked in body paint for some random project.” 
  • Raye eventually found out that the proposed undertaking was for a scene in the highly successful “Squid Game,” and she now regrets not taking up the offer.
  • “But now that I know it was for freaking ‘Squid Game,’ the No. 1 show in the world,” she said. “That would have been so cool to be a part of it! Next time…I’m going to say ‘Yes!'”

About the show: “Squid Game” is the first Korean series to rank No. 1 on Netflix in the US, and it is reportedly on its way to becoming Netflix’s top series of all time, NextShark reported.

  • It also occupies one of the top two spots on Netflix in more than 70 other countries and territories.
  • The series follows volunteers who fight to the death for the top prize of 45.6 billion won (approximately $38.4 million).
  • South Korean actors and models such as Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-yeon, Wi Ha-joon and Lee Byung-hyun star in the show.

Featured Image via 레이진 [Raye & Jin] (left), Still Watching Netflix (right)

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