Youtuber With Death Wish Calls BTS a ‘Lesbian Pop Group’

Conspiracy theorist and Youtuber Mark Dice has earned the ire of South Korean boyband BTS’ fans following a series of racist and homophobic tweets that he posted against the immensely popular K-Pop act.

Dice went on a bizarre Twitter rant following the group’s highly anticipated performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday night (Nov. 19).

In his hateful online tirade, he said that BTS stands for “Band That Sucks.”

Dice further wrote shocking homophobic comments, sharing an image of the band alongside the caption: “Meet the Korean lesbian pop group BTS.”

He also advised the band  to “apologize for ruining the AMAs.”

He went on posting multiple tweets mocking BTS’s achievement and poking insults toward Big Hit Entertainment and the BTS fan group dubbed as the A.R.M.Y.

He also made racist, stereotypical jokes about the members being Asian.

In an earlier similar rant he made on Youtube dissing the entire show, Dice wondered aloud why (at the 2:30 mark) a Korean band would get featured in the AMAs.

“The strangest part of the show by far was when this lesbian group from South Korea called BTS came out and performed a song which they sang in Korean. The audience absolutely loved them and went nuts, but why the American Music Awards show would feature a Korean band? I don’t know.”

Probably wondering why this lesbian girl group from South Korea, singing in Korean can possibly have so many fans in the United States,” he added. “The answer is, their fans are like babies in the crib that are looking at a mobile spinning around with all sorts of shiny objects on it while its playing music. They don’t really know what’s going on, but since they don’t have much of brain, a bunch of shiny objects and some music is very entertaining for them.”

Fans were shocked and disgusted of the derogatory comments and soon set up a petition to get him sued for defamation.  As of press time, it has since generated over 25,000 signatures. 

Dice would later ridicule the petition, calling BTS fans “Generation Z-Zombies’ and “weak” for generating just a few thousand digital signatures. 

The band has yet to take notice and respond to his apparent call for desperate attention.

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