Asian YouTuber Disses BuzzFeed for Using Asians ‘to Attack White People’

Asian YouTuber Disses BuzzFeed for Using Asians ‘to Attack White People’
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
January 16, 2017
Asian YouTuber Chris Warski is not happy with an old BuzzFeed video.
Titled “26 Questions Asians Have For White People,” the 2015 clip featured BuzzFeed’s resident Asians who raised “common” questions for white people about media, culture and language, among others.
While some viewers may take the video lightly, YouTuber Chris Warski was flatly outraged at its content. He expressed his thoughts in a new video at Andywarski, where he claimed “BuzzFeed uses Asians to attack white people.”
Chris said in his intro:
“I tried to watch a little bit of it, but holy crap … All of them are just ridiculous!”
Here are some of Chris’s replies to BuzzFeed’s questions:
BuzzFeed Asian: “Why do you think every Asian person is Chinese? That’s like me saying to a white person, hey you’re English!”
Chris: “Can you blame them? I don’t think that at all! Can you blame them for saying one of Asia’s biggest countries in the world? We look alike!”
BuzzFeed Asian: “Why are the awkward nerd characters the only roles available for Asians in film?”
Chris: “Because it’s a good fit! That’s it. You could cast a white guy but it’s not going to be as funny. Asian people are nerdy anyway, so what does it matter?”
BuzzFeed Asian: “Why are all of you talking about our penises?”
Chris: “Because we have small penises! Not all, not all, but the majority of them have small penises so there’s going to be a joke… What a dumb question.”
BuzzFeed Asian: “Why can’t Asians be the stars of movies?”
Chris: “What kind of dumb question is this? Donnie Yen, f*cking Jackie Chan, do I need to name any more? There’s no point. This is the dumbest f*cking video.”
BuzzFeed Asian: “Why do you think saying ‘namaste’ is an appropriate way to greet me?”
Chris: “Because they’re trying to engage in a cultural conversation. Maybe they know ‘namaste’ and they’re trying to talk to you in your f*cking languag, so that they can connect with you and you could be human beings regardless of race! What a dumb f*cking question. It just never ends. Oh my god.”
At the end of it all, Chris can’t even.
Watch the video below:
And here’s the original clip from BuzzFeed:
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