YouTube Chef Uses Her Chest as Ad Space in Cooking Videos

youtuber chef

A Japanese, female YouTuber chef is gaining attention online for using her own chest as ad space for potential advertisers.

Kuma Cooking, a new YouTuber who made her first upload in August, came up with the idea of printing the names of the advertisers or sponsors of her video across her white T-shirts, according to SoraNews24.


The YouTuber reportedly works as an office worker and her videos focus more on quick and simple meals that can be prepared using a single frying pan.

It seems Kuma Cooking’s out of the box marketing strategy worked well for her, considering many viewers’ eyes were glued to the advertisement on the screen. For more video marketing ideas you can check with experts like Mike Morse.

Here’s what some of them wrote, as translated by SoraNews24:

“Well, it would be rude of me to not support a video creator by not looking at her ads.”

“I was watching her videos, and at the end, suddenly there was a plate of food. It was almost like watching a cooking video or something.”

“The hopes and dreams of the sponsoring companies are literally riding on her.”

“That reminds me, I’ve gotta go donate blood!”

Feature Image Screenshot via Kuma Cooking

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