YouTube Mom Getting Millions of Views Exposed for Allegedly Using Children in ‘Fetish Videos’

YouTube Mom Getting Millions of Views Exposed for Allegedly Using Children in ‘Fetish Videos’YouTube Mom Getting Millions of Views Exposed for Allegedly Using Children in ‘Fetish Videos’
At first glance, the videos “Beautiful Mother Washing Clothes by Hand” and “Mom and Daughter Cleaning The House On Holiday Weekend” found on YouTube appear to be just some random family clips that aim to share their daily routine.
In the first clip, uploaded by channel Single Mom on December 7, a young woman is indeed shown washing clothes with a little toddler running about in the background.
The second clip, uploaded by channel Creative Daily Share on December 11, also shows exactly what the title says, another young mom with what appears to be her own child cleaning the house.
While posted by different channels, these videos have a few things in common: They have both generated over two million views each in a short period of time and they both feature upskirt scenes where the “mom” accidentally lets the viewers see her underwear. They also start with the same viewer discretion warning in the first three seconds of the clip.
More disturbingly, these numerous “fetish videos” uploaded across multiple related YouTube channels also include young children as props.
Creative Daily Share, which has over 500,000 subscribers, has over 30 videos of these “daily routine” videos which are slight variations of the young woman showing her underwear. A young child is included in almost every video, at times a participant in an activity or just wandering in the background.
DA VIKA Vlogs follows the same format but with fewer scenes with children shown in the videos.
Meanwhile, channels called “Baby Of Mom” and “Mom And Baby” are generating millions of views by showcasing moms breastfeeding their toddlers.
These fetish channels featuring young Vietnamese women was earlier exposed by YouTuber PaymoneyWubby, who highlighted the videos of a channel called the SuSu Family on his recent video.
In his video, PaymoneyWubby criticized those running the channels for including children in the videos’ sleazy format.
“If you want to whore yourself out on the internet for money, that’s totally okay with me but… this is essentially a sexual, panty upskirt bullshit channel disguised as a little family vlog channel is what this is. It’s so obvious they are not even apologetic about it. They’re using it to get views. ‘Look at this cute little (kid) oh look Susu with her kids!'”
While the SuSu Family channel has since deleted all of its 60 videos as of this writing, numerous channels have popped up reuploading some of its content.
Under the “Child endangerment policy” in YouTube’s Community Guidelines, content creators are prohibited to upload “sexually explicit content featuring minors and content that sexually exploits minors.”
YouTube has urged its community members to “report content that they find inappropriate” and let them know which channels violate their guidelines.
With the fetish videos including children still thriving on the platform, it appears YouTube has yet to “discover” the content on these channels.
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