YouTube Finally Punishes Logan Paul For Filming a Suicide Victim, And It’s Going to Cost Him

Nearly two weeks after the incident in Aokigahara, YouTube is finally handing down punishment to Logan Paul.

YouTube, who remained silent on the incident until Tuesday, had been criticized by netizens for the general lack of response; on Wednesday, they announced their decision regarding Paul’s disrespect towards a suicide victim’s dead body.

“In light of recent events, we have decided to remove Logan Paul’s channels from Google Preferred,” a YouTube spokesperson said, according to Variety. “Additionally, we will not feature Logan in Season 4 of ‘Foursome’ and his new originals are on hold.”

Paul, alongside many other influential YouTubers, starred in the YouTube Red original comedy series “Foursome”. Season 3 premiered last November.

The news was impatiently awaited by many, but perhaps none were as eager to hear any word of his punishment than PewDiePie, who faced severe backlash for his scandal last year.

PewDiePie, who was punished by YouTube for his anti-Semitic comments in February 2017, maintained that he should be allowed to release the second season of “Scared PewDiePie”, his cancelled YouTube Red series, should Paul face no consequences.

Paul has yet to publicly respond to YouTube’s decision, although his father has asserted that he will be back soon.

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