Young Man Steals Senior Seat on Bus in Korea, Gets an Epic Kick to The Face From Old Man

In a photo that is making its way through social media, an apparent young man took a sudden kick to the face from a grandpa in South Korea after he seemingly occupied the senior seat on a public bus.

An image of the incident, which was first posted on a local online community message board, went viral after it was widely shared by netizens.

Titled in the forums as “An old man kicks a young man for sitting in the senior seat on the bus”, the photo became the subject of various discussions on “senior citizen seating” in Korean public transport.

The photo captures the exact moment when the senior, described to be around the age of 70, performed an astonishing aerial kick while grabbing onto the bus’ passenger banisters.

While there were no further details or context surrounding the incident supplied in the reports, it is assumed that the old man was angered that the young man sat comfortably in the “handicapped/senior seating” that was supposedly reserved for the elderly, the pregnant, nursing mothers and handicapped people.

According to AllKPop, it is not clear whether the young man was actually suffering from an injury that may have given him a legitimate reason to take the reserved seat. 

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