Couple Saves Each Other From Being Burned Alive in Apartment Building

A brave young couple in China saved each other from certain death after a fire broke out inside their apartment building.

The couple, Li Shuo and his wife Wang Xue, quickly fled their unit on the seventh floor of the apartment building in Shenyang, Liaoning province when the fire happened on February 28.


Li urged his wife to go ahead and escape first, but Wang noticed that her husband did not follow her.

Instead of going out of the building to get help, she immediately turned back and climbed the stairs to find him lying unconscious on the floor due to the smoke, according to Shanghaiist.

Wang managed to wake her husband up and helped him walk down the stairs.

The duo made it out of the burning building alive. However, they both suffered burns on their hands, feet and head.

The couple was rushed to a local hospital and are expected to make a recovery.

The experience has certainly made an impact in their relationship.

Fortunately, neither of us gave up on each other. After going through this, we will cherish one another even more in the future,” Wang said.

Featured Image Screenshot via Pear Video

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