Young Chinese Students in New Zealand are Being Lured into Sex Work

Young Chinese Students in New Zealand are Being Lured into Sex Work
King Malleta
January 5, 2017
More and more young Chinese women who are on temporary visas in New Zealand are being lured to work in the sex industry, according to the
Older sex workers use bilingual work information leaflets which are produced by the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective in order to attract young Chinese students to become sex workers. Although prostitution in New Zealand was decriminalized in 2003, it is still prohibited for temporary visa holders to work in any kind of industry.
A 20-year-old international Chinese student confessed that she is of the many who decided to become a sex worker after she was given the leaflet. She said that being on a student visa makes it difficult for her to find work, so even though she has worries about getting into sex work, the brochure made her feel less anxious.
“Young Asian girls are being recruited by older sex workers, who use us to get new customers, and work with them to provide a bi-double service to make more money,” she added.
The young student who came to New Zealand on a student permit also said that she knows of at least three other Chinese students who have resorted to sex work after getting the leaflets.
These brochures are readily available at the reception counter at the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective office in Auckland. It is also distributed by volunteers and staff.
In the brochure, there is an introduction on how to start working in the sex industry. It also includes advices on what to wear, how to select a work name, and sex tips.
There were many previous cases of Asian women who apply for student visas abroad and carry on working in brothels. According to a report from South China Morning Post, this lucrative sex trade has been going on for years and some schools even facilitate this kind of work.
It was perceived that higher wages and lavish lifestyles have lured these women into working as prostitutes overseas.
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